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Maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Release time:2021-07-26 306

In order to maintain the working performance and service life of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, we need to pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment in daily use. If we don't pay attention, it is easy to have problems, which may lead to the equipment not working normally and affect the cleaning effect. What should we do about the maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning?

Maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. Clean the oil storage tank regularly, handle the contaminated cleaning fluid, and let the oil pump run once regularly, at least more than 8mmin each time.

2. After the ultrasonic cleaning machine is used up, please cover it with a cover to prevent dust and moisture.

3. After each operation, flush the hose and filter connected to the detergent to remove any residue of detergent to help prevent corrosion.

4. Turn off the water supply system connected to the high-pressure washer. Pull the trigger on the servo spray gun rod to release all the pressure in the hose. Remove the rubber hose and high-pressure hose from the high-pressure washer.

5. Cut off the connecting wire of spark plug to ensure that the engine will not start (applicable to engine models).

The above is the maintenance method of ultrasonic cleaning machine

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