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Suzhou gretech Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.: Jiangsu high-tech enterprise, Jiangsu Science and Innovation Board Listed enterprise, Suzhou Xiangcheng District top ten enterprises, Jiangsu private science and technology enterprise, Suzhou entrepreneurial leading talent enterprise, Xiangcheng District Yangcheng Lake entrepreneurial leading talent enterprise, ISO9001 quality system certification enterprise and EU CE safety certification enterprise; It is a large-scale industrial cleaning equipment manufacturer specializing in R & D, manufacturing, marketing and service of high-definition cleanliness problem-solving system; There are two production plants in Suzhou and Chengdu.

Suzhou factory covers an area of 25 mu, located at No. 19, Yinghu Road, Wangting Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, adjacent to Taihu Lake, with beautiful scenery!

At present, the company has 18 engineers, 60 production technology, 4 quality management, 5 after-sales service and 12 auxiliary personnel.

The company is a technology brand company of Atwan ultrasonic company: the cleaning industry has precipitated for 12 years, hired a doctoral team for technical support and in-depth R & D cooperation practice; The company has successively obtained 13 cleaning industry patents and 1 soft book; Based on the business philosophy of "technology first, excellent quality and sincere service", the company uses its broad mind to grow together with users and suppliers by virtue of technology development platform and exquisite manufacturing capacity.

Product introduction:

Our company closely tracks and fully adopts international advanced process and manufacturing technology, and researches, develops and produces various special production equipment with high quality, high grade and high technology. In the industrial cleaning equipment industry and SCR denitration catalyst regeneration industry, we can provide you with the following production equipment:

1. A full range of catalyst cleaning and regeneration systems (ash removal, spraying, ultrasonic cleaning and regeneration, drying and wastewater treatment)

2. Full range of industrial cleaning machines (ultrasonic, hydrocarbon, spray cleaning)

3. Full range of high, medium and low pressure fixed-point positioning single station spray cleaning machines

4. Pure water system, industrial liquid cooler and industrial hydrocarbon equipment

5. Automatic and semi-automatic electroplating surface treatment equipment, pickling corrosion and etching cleaning line

6. Clean oven, high temperature oven and drying tunnel furnace

Business philosophy:

Adhering to the company's business strategy of "technology first, excellent quality and sincere service", we establish a long-term and reliable strategic partnership with customers with sincere and technical services; We will also forge ahead and expand our sales channels and support network. To ensure that our customers can get good products, services and support.

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