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How to reduce the failure rate of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Release time:2021-07-26 45

When there is no water or solvent in the ultrasonic tank of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the equipment cannot be started, which will cause air shock and damage to the vibrating head. In order not to affect the normal operation of the equipment, daily maintenance is very important.

1. When the temperature of the cleaning cylinder is normal temperature, do not directly inject high-temperature liquid into the cylinder, so as to avoid loosening the transducer and affecting the normal use of the machine.

2. The cleaning tank can be started up only after liquid is put into it. The low water level is more than 100mm (bottom vibration type) and placed horizontally. When the transducer is on the side, it is 100mm along the cleaning tank. If it is started up in air, the machine will be damaged.

3. When the cleaning fluid needs to be replaced due to pollution, do not directly inject the low-temperature liquid into the high-temperature cylinder, which may also cause the transducer to fall off. At the same time, turn off the heater switch to avoid damage to the heater due to no liquid in the tank.

4. In order to prolong the service life, it is recommended to place the equipment in a ventilated and dry area, and the fan hole at the back of the generator should be cleaned regularly. Vents are reserved around the generator to make the air flow unobstructed.

5. Check the transducer regularly, do not make it damp and impact, so as to avoid unnecessary loss. After use, turn off the main power supply. Do not restart the machine immediately after shutdown. The clearance time should be more than 1 minute.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine has a wide range of functions. Many items and parts need to be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning machine. Special personnel shall be responsible for the operation of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

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