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Precautions when operating ultrasonic cleaning machine

Release time:2021-07-26 76

There are some requirements for using the ultrasonic cleaning machine. In particular, open fire is forbidden to be brought into the workshop of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, and various lines need to be checked regularly to prevent electric sparks. It is also very important to train and strengthen the safety awareness of the staff operating the ultrasonic cleaning machine. In addition, there are many things to pay attention to. The following ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers will introduce to you what else to pay attention to when operating the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

1. Use the power supply and power cord that meet the equipment specifications

According to the safety requirements, it is necessary to connect to the grounding wire. The cleaning agent shall be placed in a clean, dry and corrosive gas environment to avoid violent vibration. Sufficient heat dissipation space shall be left at the rear of the generator. To ensure that the ultrasonic cleaning machine has good contact and avoid personal injury accidents.

2. Do not start the machine under no-load state

Before starting the ultrasonic cleaning machine, use the liquid level specified in the instructions to pour the cleaning solution into the cleaning tank. The cleaned object shall not contact the bottom of the tank. It is recommended to put the workpiece into the basket for cleaning. The cleaning solution shall not be strong acid or strong alkaline. Flammable solution shall not be used without reliable safety measures. The temperature of cleaning fluid in a year will increase with the extension of continuous working time. The continuous working time of ultrasonic cleaning machine shall not exceed the specified time.

3. The equipment adopts incombustible detergent

For some special reasons, when flammable, explosive and volatile solution needs to be used as the medium, the ultrasonic transducer will vibrate at the frequency of 40000 times per minute when the ultrasonic cleaning machine starts to work. When the ultrasonic transducer vibrates at such a high frequency, it will naturally produce a lot of heat, which will be dissipated through the tank and then transmitted to the cleaning solution, The temperature of the cleaning solution begins to increase, and then the volatilization speed is accelerated. When the concentration of the solution in the air reaches a certain value, it will burn or explode when it encounters a high-temperature vibrator or heating block due to vibration.

In addition, remind the operators of the ultrasonic cleaning machine to wear anti-static work clothes, which can achieve a protective effect, so that we can work safely and safely. When operating the ultrasonic cleaning machine, we must follow the correct steps, so as to ensure that accidents can be avoided in the workshop of high-performance ultrasonic cleaning machine.

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