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Analysis of seven common problems of ultrasonic cleaning machine and how to detect them

Release time:2021-07-26 75

Analysis of several common faults of ultrasonic cleaning machine and how to detect them:

1. Insurance damage: if there is no power display or action after startup, first look at whether the insurance in the power base is damaged.

Analysis: it is possible that the user's grounding wire is mixed with live wire or zero wire, and there is no grounding (the grounding wire of the machine is connected with the machine shell). It is also possible that the machine is short circuited, and the components are aging, resulting in short circuit, resulting in insurance damage.

Detection: take out the fuse to see if it is broken, measure whether it is disconnected with the on-off gear of a multimeter, and replace it with a new device.

2. Transducer damage:

Analysis: the colloid may melt and the transducer may fall off or the ceramic part of the transducer may be broken due to the long-term use of the power on state and the temperature will gradually rise.

Detection: measure the insulation strength of the transducer with a meter. If the insulation strength is less than 200m Ω, it can no longer be used. It is necessary to replace the transducer.

In addition, the internal ceramics of the transducer will break due to long-term use, so that it can not work normally.

3. Power tube damage:

Analysis: the power tube on the motherboard will be short circuited due to the continuous use of the machine for a long time or too little cleaning liquid for a long time.

Detection: when the power tube is connected on the main board, use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the pins on both sides of the power tube, which should be about 22 Ω under normal conditions. After the power tube is removed (disconnected from the main board), measure that there should be no connection between its pins.

4. The voltage stabilizing tube is damaged

Analysis: the damage of voltage stabilizing tube is generally caused by starting up after the resistance value of power tube is small or short circuit, and it is rarely damaged.

Detection: according to diode characteristics, forward conduction and reverse stop. Measure with the diode gear of the multimeter, the forward resistance is about 70 Ω and the reverse resistance is ∞. If the value deviation is too large or the forward resistance is ∞, replace the regulator with a new one.

5. Bridge damage (diode rectifier circuit)

Analysis: same as the condition of voltage stabilizing tube

Detection: also according to the diode characteristics (the bridge itself is composed of diodes)

6. Damage of control panel (adjustable ultrasonic washer)

Analysis: long time continuous operation is related to the aging of components and parts, as well as the infiltration of cleaning fluid sometimes.

Detection: disconnect the control board from the main board when the machine is not working. Power on the main board. If the machine works, it means that the control board is damaged and needs to be replaced.

7. Damage of inductance and isolation transformer

Analysis: because the machine works for a long time, the inductance and transformer belong to heat dissipation elements, which may melt and burn due to high temperature, resulting in short circuit.

Detection: for the damage of inductance and transformer, in most cases, the burn-out trace can be seen intuitively, and new devices can be replaced.

Don't worry when the ultrasonic cleaner fails. Solve the problem according to the above analysis and detection. If the problem cannot be solved, call the manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning machine and need the help of professional technicians.

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