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How to avoid the damage of small ultrasonic cleaning machine

Release time:2021-07-26 95

Ultrasonic cleaning is non-destructive to most workpieces. Although the effect of thousands of micro explosions per second is strong, the cleaning process is safe because this energy is in a very small energy level. However, there are exceptions, which may cause damage to the cleaned workpiece.

How to avoid the damage of small ultrasonic cleaning machine?

1. Do not use cleaning fluid with chemical corrosion. Do not put the cleaned object on the vibrating surface of the machine. Too high ultrasonic density will affect it.

2. If the cleaned object is directly placed on the surface of the ultrasonic vibrator, it will cause slight scratch on the workpiece surface. Reasonable cleaning methods such as cleaning basket shall be adopted. The workpiece is placed in a perforated tray or mesh basket.

3. Too strong ultrasonic power density may damage the surface of some precious and fine articles, such as quartz, opal, pearl, emerald, malachite, emerald and coral. Care should be taken when cleaning such items. Ultrasonic equipment with continuously adjustable ultrasonic power can be selected.

4. The potential negative effect of cleaning agent on the washed workpiece may be strengthened by ultrasonic, so appropriate ultrasonic cleaning agent should be selected.

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