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Operation steps of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Release time:2021-07-26 95

Correct operation steps of ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1、 Check

Check whether all connecting wires, including external power lines, are correct and whether the water inlet and drainage pipes are firmly connected.

2、 Add liquid

Open the water inlet valve to add liquid to the cleaning tank, the liquid level depth of the cleaning tank reaches the overflow port, and keep the tank body with > 40cm liquid. During the operation of the equipment, the liquid level shall be checked frequently. If there is insufficient liquid, it shall be supplemented at any time. If the liquid level is insufficient, it is strictly prohibited to turn on heating and ultrasonic. The liquid shall not contain corrosive components such as strong acid and alkali.

3、 Heating

Turn on the main power switch, set the cleaning temperature to 55 ℃, and press "heating stop".

4、 Pretreatment

Before cleaning, simply clean the dirt on the surface of parts with a bamboo knife in order to prolong the service life of the cleaning solution. Ultrasonic can carry out precision cleaning, but its ability to treat mud dirt is weak. Therefore, yellow mud or thin mud dirt should be removed as much as possible during pretreatment.

5、 Workpiece placement

The workpieces shall be evenly distributed without overlap as far as possible, and the workpieces shall be gently put into the groove.

6、 Cleaning

After the material frame is placed and the temperature is within the set range, turn on the ultrasonic start switch for cleaning.

7、 Take parts

After cleaning, press "ultrasonic stop" to stop ultrasonic and take out the workpiece. If there is secondary pollution, it needs to be washed with drinking water.

8、 Shut down

Stop all functions after cleaning, and then turn off the power switch. When not in use for a long time, drain the cleaning fluid and turn off the main power switch.

Correct operation can not only reduce problems, but also improve work efficiency.

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