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Cleaning agent commonly used in ultrasonic cleaning machine

Release time:2021-07-26 97

The cleaning agents used for cleaning different products are also different. Only in this way can better results be achieved. What are the common cleaning agents of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

1、 Solvent based cleaning agent

The main purpose of the solvent cleaning agent of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is to clean the oil on the mechanical parts. The previous solvent cleaning agent was mainly trichloroethylene. As trichloroethylene is an ozone depleting substance product in the stage of forced elimination, it is prone to occupational diseases after long-term use, and trichloroethylene is unstable and easy to hydrolyze, so it can corrode the equipment. In this regard, ultrasonic cleaning machines gradually began to use ozone depleting substances without environmental friendly solvent cleaning agents.

2、 Water based cleaning agent

The water-based cleaning of ultrasonic cleaning machine is different. Both parts and large mechanical equipment have good cleaning, so as to reduce the cleaning pressure of subsequent cleaning device in water-based cleaning agent. With the continuous development of the cleaning industry, more and more enterprises begin to use ultrasonic cleaning machines, but due to the lack of understanding of cleaning methods, the cleaning is not ideal. Generally, the cleaning objects of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines are usually complex parts with high cleanliness, which is difficult to clean heavy oil, heavy copper and aluminum products, optical glass, etc. At present, most of the ultrasonic cleaning machines on the market are through water immersion cleaning machines, so the ultrasonic cleaning machines use water-based cleaning agents. Therefore, the ultrasonic cleaning machines are realized by high-frequency vibration.

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