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How to choose when buying ultrasonic cleaning machine

Release time:2021-07-26 311

With the continuous improvement of the technical level of ultrasonic cleaning machine, its scope of application is also wider. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is affirmed and recognized by various industries. How to choose when buying ultrasonic cleaning machine?

1. Before purchasing the ultrasonic cleaning machine, you should first know what cleaning methods your products can use, and then what degree of cleaning effect you need to achieve, and then what is the estimated output of the company? How much capacity equipment do you want to buy? Know what cleaning process your products need, consult the ultrasonic manufacturer whether it has updated the cleaning process, and select some professional manufacturers to compare the cleaning process, price and after-sales service guarantee.

2. For the power selection of ultrasonic cleaning machine, if the selected equipment is low power, it will take longer and no dirt will be removed. However, if the selected power is too large, the cavitation intensity will be greatly increased and the cleaning effect will be improved, but the precision parts also produce corrosion spots. In addition, the vibration plate at the bottom of the cleaning machine has serious cavitation and water spot corrosion, so the power needs to reach a certain value, This will quickly remove the dirt and will not cause pitting damage to the cleaned object. In addition, there is basically no problem when using organic solvents such as trichloroethylene, but when using water or water-soluble cleaning solution, it is prone to water point corrosion. If the surface of the vibrating plate has been damaged, cavitation corrosion at the bottom of the water under high power is more serious. Therefore, ultrasonic power should be selected according to the actual use.

3. The frequency selection of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. When in use, the ultrasonic cleaning frequency will range from 28 kHz to 120 kHz. When using water or water cleaning agent, the physical cleaning force caused by the action of holes is obviously beneficial to the low frequency, generally about 28-40 kHz. For parts with small gaps, slits and deep holes, high frequency (generally above 40KHz) is better, even hundreds of kHz. When cleaning clock parts, use 100kHz. If broadband FM is used, the effect is better.

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